About Us

I-CAN Navigator’s mission is to navigate cancer patients to the alternative treatments they’re looking for, quickly and efficiently.


Navigating the world of alternative cancer treatments is both challenging and difficult.  Patients seeking cancer therapies outside of standard surgery, chemotherapy and radiation often are given little to no guidance in their next treatment step. Others are told no options exist after all conventional treatments have been exhausted. For this reason, many patients become their own experts, turning to the Internet to sift through mountains of research that can be confusing, overwhelming and unreliable.


For this reason, a navigational tool is needed - a GPS for the alternative cancer treatments, quickly connecting patients with research, case studies, statistics, patient outcomes, alternative treatment experts, clinics, treatment locations and patients who have used the alternative treatment they are considering. 

How I-CAN Navigator Works

Three databases:

  • Treatments - Search the most widely used alternative cancer treatments for specific cancer types, which links to published medical research.
  • Patients - Search the profiles of former patients who used a specific alternative treatment.
  • Clinics - Find physicians and/or clinics near you who are using alternative treatments you are considering.

Additional website tools:

  • Information for alternative cancer treatment experts who conduct phone and in-person consultations
  • A patient forum where patients discuss or inquire about specific treatments, cancers, and clinics.
  • Recent news and developments in alternative cancer treatments
Board of Directors

Leslie Parrilla


Alternative cancer treatment patient


Robert Wright

American Anti-Cancer Institute founder,

Alternative Cancer Treatment expert


Lexi Timmons, RN

Cancer Nurse,

Patient Advocate


Tarig Ahmed, MS

Chief Information Officer


Jann Berman



Carlos Caridad



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