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IDPatient NameCancer TypeTreatment TypeStageCancer SubtypePatient StatePatient Country
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25Anthony RussomannoBladder 4 CaliforniaUSA
27Paul ChampouxBladder   MichiganUSA
29John Farris RomeroBladder   LouisianaUSA
62Alfred PuccettiBladder   CaliforniaUSA
32Gregory TobinBladder, ProstateGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
35Mark OlsztynBrainPoly-MVA  CaliforniaUSA
36Jeremy SnyderBrain   PennsylvaniaUSA
40Hans OussorenBrain   OntarioCanada
42Dustin KunnariBrain   MinnesotaUSA
66Scott SochaBrain   WisconsinUSA
64Steve BarrowBrain   NevadaUSA
38Ben Nunez (daughter)Brain, Spine   TexasUSA
1Leslie ParrillaBreastHyperthermia, low-dose radiation0, 2DCISCaliforniaUSA
2Lori BaranBreastKetogenic diet, hyperbaric oxygen chamber 1-3 times weekly, AFI super biocurcumin c3 complex, KetoCal shake (prescription), celebrex, C-Naltrexone (compounded), metformin (for cancer not diabetes). alkaline diet0, 4DCISMichiganUSA
5C'ezanne GarciaBreastHyperthermia, low-dose radiation3 CaliforniaUSA
7Josephine KamauBreastGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
10Betsy VoughtBreastHyperthermia, low-dose radiation3 CaliforniaUSA
65Sherry GrinsteadBreast   AlabamaUSA
74Gayle CranfordBreast   PennsylvaniaUSA
67Ramona WellsBreast   CaliforniaUSA
68Gayle CranfordBreast   PennsylvaniaUSA
69Kippy MayneBreastHoxsey Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
70Susan StevensonBreastSurgery/Supplements, diet change2 CaliforniaUSA
44Claudia AposhianBreast   CaliforniaUSA
47Nancy EstradaBreast   CaliforniaUSA
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