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IDPatient NameCancer TypeTreatment TypeStageCancer SubtypePatient StatePatient Country
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50Jessica BiscardiBreast   CaliforniaUSA
63Alicia HarrisonBreastGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
59Virginia TrexlerBreast   PennsylvaniaUSA
60Gwen TuckerBreast   IndianaUSA
52Marie CarlsonBreastHoxsey Therapy  MassachusettsUSA
56Myrna OswillBreastlaetrile, nutrition, herbs, spiritual, emotional4 CaliforniaUSA
141Jane DoeBreastGerson TherapyII CaliforniaUnited States
71Virginia DavisColon   WisconsinUSA
72Al SchaeferColonGerson Therapy  WashingtonUSA
111Snow BaehrEmbryonic RhabdomyosarcomaGerson  CaliforniaUSA
73Carol GuttmannEndometrialPoly-MVA and IPT or insulin potentiation therapy  CaliforniaUSA
113Larry KanterHead and neckHyperthermia and low-dose radiation4 ArizonaUSA
82Kerri MarenHodgkin's Disease   FloridaUSA
84Christian ShubinHodgkin's DiseaseVitamin C, Ozone and Hydrogen  CaliforniaUSA
86Lee TessinaHodgkin's Disease   CaliforniaUSA
75Kelley GallagherHodgkin's Disease   CaliforniaUSA
76Gay JohnsonHodgkin's Disease   CaliforniaUSA
77Angie EnickHodgkin's Disease   PennsylvaniaUSA
78Charles LudwigHodgkin's Disease   New JerseyUSA
80Billy BestHodgkin's DiseaseEssiac and 714X  MassachusettsUSA
88Shelly CurtisKidney   MichiganUSA
91Angelo GiovaKidney   New JerseyUSA
92David TaylorKidney   West VirginiaUSA
94Russell YoungLeiomyosarcomaHoxsey Therapy  ColoradoUSA
98Dorna McKeeLeukemiaOzone Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
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