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IDPatient NameCancer TypeTreatment TypeStageCancer SubtypePatient StatePatient Country
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99Bill PerimutterLeukemiaPoly-MVA Therapy  NevadaUSA
100Betsy WrisleyLeukemia   New YorkUSA
96Valerie CostantiniLeukemia   LouisianaUSA
103Carl Helvie R.N. Dr. P.H.Lung   VirginiaUSA
104Ronny RudleyLungPoly-MVA Therapy and Alkaline Water  NevadaUSA
105Roger SavilleLung   CaliforniaUSA
106James GibsonLung   CaliforniaUSA
107Jane (Helen) SillLung   TennesseeUSA
101John CastilloLung   New MexicoUSA
81Neal VerblaauwLungManner Therapy  New JerseyUSA
79Virginia Peters (John)LungGerson Therapy  PennsylvaniaUSA
8Christina HurleyLymphoma   IllinoisUSA
87Ilene YoungLymphoma   PennsylvaniaUSA
85Mildred (Ruben) DreherLymphomaWheatgrass  MinnesotaUSA
83Amanda NeffLymphoma   WisconsinUSA
108Mary Jo SiegelLymphoma   CaliforniaUSA
109Janet Pauly, R.N.LymphomaNutrition and Barley Life  TexasUSA
110Edgar BartolucciLymphoma   New JerseyUSA
4Evelyn StacerLymphoma   ColoradoUSA
89Mary HarringtonMelanomaGerson Therapy  ArizonaUSA
90Sue JessupMelanomaGerson Therapy and Pau d'Arco  WashingtonUSA
9Ronda FaunceMelanoma   IndianaUSA
11Tom PowersMelanomaGerson Therapy  New YorkUSA
13Sue VanderwaterMelanomaGerson Therapy  OklahomaUSA
14Pat HawleyMelanomaHoxsey Therapy  ColoradoUSA
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