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IDPatient NameCancer TypeTreatment TypeStageCancer SubtypePatient StatePatient Country
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3Elizabeth MurphySkinLaetrile, vitamin B17 MelanomaCaliforniaUSA
97Robert FowlerSkin   ArizonaUSA
102Rickie DenizStomach   HawaiiUSA
49Paul WylyTesticular   TexasUSA
51Bruce NortheyTesticular   CaliforniaUSA
53Rex ClementTesticularGerson Therapy  TennesseeUSA
55Rick HillTesticular   CaliforniaUSA
57Raymond (Jason) WintersThroatNutrition and Herbal  NevadaUSA
58Kenneth CaseTongue   VirginiaUSA
61Bonnie CayerUteranTumorex, live cell bovine injections  CaliforniaUSA
16Teresa LewisUteranHyperthermia, low-dose radiationunknownleiomyosarcomaFloridaUSA
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