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IDPatient NameCancer TypeTreatment TypeStageCancer SubtypePatient StatePatient Country
32Gregory TobinBladder, ProstateGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
7Josephine KamauBreastGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
63Alicia HarrisonBreastGerson Therapy  CaliforniaUSA
141Jane DoeBreastGerson TherapyII CaliforniaUnited States
72Al SchaeferColonGerson Therapy  WashingtonUSA
111Snow BaehrEmbryonic RhabdomyosarcomaGerson  CaliforniaUSA
79Virginia Peters (John)LungGerson Therapy  PennsylvaniaUSA
89Mary HarringtonMelanomaGerson Therapy  ArizonaUSA
90Sue JessupMelanomaGerson Therapy and Pau d'Arco  WashingtonUSA
11Tom PowersMelanomaGerson Therapy  New YorkUSA
13Sue VanderwaterMelanomaGerson Therapy  OklahomaUSA
95Patricia AineyPancreaticGerson Therapy  British ColumbiaCanada
53Rex ClementTesticularGerson Therapy  TennesseeUSA
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